Draga ironworks and boilermaking

We manufacturee install and maintain

metallic structures in stainless steel, carbon steel and corten.

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Specialists in laser cutting to manufacture chain parts

Carpentry and ironwork Draga S.L.

We use the best materials and techniques in forging, aluminium, iron and stainless steel, complying 100% with the agreed commitments.

Metallic structures

We manufacture, install and maintain all types of metallic structures in steel/stainless steel and metal carpentry for indoor and outdoor use adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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Personalized projects of garage doors, for gates, storage rooms, enclosures, gates in forging or stainless steel, and depending on the use and dimensions.



Precision cuts with greater speed that allow us to manufacture pieces in chain, a clean technology that does not pollute or use chemical substances. Laser cutting machine approved in EN 1090-2:2019(EXC4) and EN 9013/2017.


Railings, railings and balconies

Balconies, handrails and railings for life, in different materials such as iron or stainless steel and a variety of finishes. Efficient solutions.



We manufacture your ideas, stairs and decks for communities, companies and institutions. Professional advice on the most suitable materials and finishes for every need.



Professional preventive and corrective service of repair, renovation and maintenance of any work, product or metallic structure.

Cuts with precision

Laser cut

Laser cuts offer optimal results without distortion, high speed and quality.

Laser cutting achieves very complex cutting profiles with very small radii of curvature.


Get Professional solutions in ironwork, boilermaking and laser cutting & request your budget

High quality materials

We meet the agreed deadlines

Maximum detail in finishes

Professional advice

We manage all trades