Draga metallic carpentry

Specialists in the manufacture, assembly and maintenance of metal structures and boilermaking

Draga is a recognised brand in the sector

It started its activity in 2008, located in the Bizkaia town of Abanto - Zierbena, and has a total area of 3100 m2, divided into a pavilion of 1350 m2 and the rest of the facilities 1750 m2.

Extensive experience

Specialists in development

At DRAGA, we have extensive experience carrying out manufacturing and assembly projects for metallic structures and boilermaking in general, including turnkey projects, and a long track record in the industrial maintenance and repair sectors.

Specialists in the development of metallic structure projects, metalwork and metal carpentry in stainless steel, corten and carbon steel, our main products being:

Lifts, stairs, railings, balconies, furniture, doors and shutters, urban fences and gates, metallic structures in general.

We help you to develop your projects with great versatility, professionally and efficiently, responding to all your demands, with a service adapted to your needs.


If you can imagine it, we can manufacture it in stainless steel, corten and carbon steel

Our production system covers the entire production process, from the acquisition of high-quality raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, covering the following phases:

Experience, capacity, adaptability and creativity are our best presentation card

We have grown with our heads, consolidating our position as one of the leading companies in the sector. We began by providing a professional, quality service to the Biscay market. We soon expanded to the rest of the Basque Country and currently have customers in several provinces of the territory, for whom we manufacture their products to be exported to different parts of the world.

And we want continue growing, so we are allocating significant economic resources for the updating and acquisition of production means and adapting our infrastructures, as well as having UNE EN ISO 9001 and EN 1090 certificates, so we have CE marking on all our products.


Get Professional solutions in ironwork, boilermaking and laser cutting & request your budget

Commitment to each project we carry out to achieve the satisfaction of all our clients

Philosophy based on commitment to quality


Satisfy the needs of manufacture, supply and assembly of metallic structures in the market, providing the best quality products and services, thanks to a great human team qualified and fully integrated in the continuous improvement in quality.

We are characterised by offering quality projects, with an efficient and close service, being flexible and agile in execution, with a clear vocation, to increase our added value proposal and loyalty to our clients and partners.


In coherence with our values, at Draga we strive to be a sustainable company where we want to consolidate and increase our diversified client portfolio.

We work to offer a specialised service in the metal sector, totally adjusted to the needs of the market, committed to the best quality and technical assistance that allows us to stand out from the competition.


All our decisions, our roadmap, the achievement of our professional objectives and our customer service are based on these values:


The main commitment we acquire is customer satisfaction, which is why we take care of every detail of the integral management of the projects we undertake.

We strictly comply with the deadlines to which we commit ourselves and we always seek the highest quality in the development of our work.

We have strict internal protocols to achieve maximum efficiency in our finished products.

Work integration

We have a work integration programme where we continuously welcome trainees in the different departments, training them and helping them to acquire experience, integrating several of them in our staff.


Environmental care is a very important chapter in Draga, so internally in 2019 we implemented a protocol in favour of environmental care and we undertook a major investment, changing all the lighting in the company to LED, as well as minimizing the physical paper.

In terms of management and processes, 100% of our waste is removed by specialised companies.

For a clean and unpolluted world, watching over our future generations.