Technical office

Manufacture of all types of pieces for metallic structures

Qualified staff

At Draga we have a technical office, where we use the most advanced technology, tools and programmes on the market to develop all types of pieces for metallic structures.

In projects that require it and always approved by the customer, we develop pre-series or prototypes before the final development of the piece.

We have a highly qualified team, with more than 25 years of experience, which works together with customers to adjust their requirements and needs to the regulations, trends and market demands.

Working as a team with the customer in each developed project

Integral advice and dedication

DRAGA has a great human team, made up of 25 workers in the technical, administrative and workshop departments. All of them are qualified and experienced to meet the needs of the customer, in particular our welders who are certified and have all the necessary documents to carry out the different jobs.



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Encouraging continuous training

Our team is always competitive

In DRAGA we encourage training and we are continuously giving courses to our workers to be up to date with the market demands.

Looking for customer satisfaction, we have a sales service where we analyse and solve all the requests of our customers.